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Verizon Internet Review

When Bell Atlantic Corp. and GTE Corp. merged they called themselves Verizon. Although the Corporation was formed in the year 2000 it wasn't until 2004 that was added to the Dow Jones industrial average.

Verizon offers broadband Internet as well as fiber optic services for a wide range of users. Verizon files has been rated number one in overall support and service by several magazines including PC Magazine and earn that readers choice award for eight years.

Verizon offer services across the United States and is recognized as a business is currently expanding. The fastest Internet service package available by Verizon is 500 MB per second down and 100 MB per second up. This service can download a 10 GB high definition movie and under and upload 400 photos in less than 35 seconds. These plans are extremely expensive but for that speed it may be worth it. There are wide variety of service packages available across a wide spectrum of prices.

These fastest speeds are often referring to Verizon FiOS. The reason these speeds are so much greater than other providers is that the technology is not shared. A single fiber-optic cable is run to your home or office and your data travels along this cable along. By way of example cable broadband Internet is shared with all of your neighbors so speeds may vary dependent upon how much traffic your neighbors are creating. FiOS is not affected by this.

Wi-Fi is included with all Verizon plans and their service guarantees 50 MB per second down and 5 MB per second up although many speeds are going to be higher. This plan will allow customers to connect wirelessly at the 5000 Wi-Fi hotspot locations Verizon has listed.

Tech support is available toll-free and online 24 hours a day seven days a week. Phone support is available although hours may vary.

Verizon is ranked number one by almost all customer and industry polls in customer support and service. This doesn't mean the customer complaints are nonexistent and it would appear that there are more complaints for their DSL service than their FiOS service. This seems to be intuitive because Verizon FiOS is simply a better type of service and DSL and will have fewer problems. Customer complaints seem to be focused on customer care and to a lesser extent connection issues. This has led some to speculate that Verizon itself is trying to kill their DSL service to increase the number of people that sign up with FiOS. Since FiOS service is not available in all areas this is probably not the case.

There is a termination fee and it's a big one. If you want to cancel your Verizon files contract will cost you between $119 up to $179. There is an activation fee of $49.99 although this is often waived for new subscribers. Regardless of the plan are the pricing the only agreement offered by Verizon is two years in length. You will pay taxes, fees, as well as equipment and service charges and leasing. It's a great service not a cheap one.