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Time Warner Review

Although cable companies have no actual competition in any of their markets it's still good to know what you're getting into before you make a purchase. Remember if you want high-speed Internet that is not your cable provider, and AT&T or Verizon do not offer fiber optics in your area yet, you get to look forward to DSL. I say that ironically as I'm sure you realize. DSL is a dead technology, or least is dying as well he should.

Signing up for Time Warner cable's plans give you what they referred to as "Internet access anywhere". Although this isn't actually true is very good as you get free access to Time Warner's Wi-Fi hotspots when you want to connect to the Internet on the go. This bonus is useful when you're out about or away from home or work and you must connect to the Internet. Although this may not be a critical service given that most smart phones could do the same thing it is very convenient for tablet users on the go.

Currently most Time Warner markets are offered six packages. These internet packages range from the almost useless 1 MB per second download to the amazing 50 MB per second. Some markets also have what is referred to as "signature package" that offers 120 MB per second down. This is an amazing speed for the United States, although for the rest the world it's probably not very interesting. It seems that almost all the markets have a 50 MB per second option which is still acceptable as referred to as their ultimate plan. These plans range from $19 per month, all the way up to $200 per month with the signature package. It is important to note that the signature packages bundled with every channel available and for the highest speeds you can't simply purchase an Internet service. It's all or nothing.

Amazingly customers do not have to go through a credit check in order to purchase Time Warner cable package. This is obviously not that big a deal for most customers but for the credit challenged Time Warner welcomes you to their customer list. Sign up process will be quick and easy regardless of your background so no worries there.

Time Warner appears to be a bit more expensive than most of its "competitors". Obviously this doesn't really matter because there is no competition in this industry but is still something to note. Despite this price any quality given the wide range of plans available everyone should be able to find something they can afford. There is a set up fee however the comes with all of the Internet plans not very expensive and can range from $15-$50 but is mention only because very few cable providers charge a setup fee. This is on top of any equipment leasing that must occur and will occur unless you have your own cable modem. Given the quality of the Time Warner cable modems and the low price for any equipment leasing buying your own is really the best idea.

The Time Warner cable contract comes with a money back guarantee. Doesn't say 100% refund but it does offer some form of money back as long as you cancel within the allotted time. It is possible to get Internet access without signing a contract with Time Warner although the pricing is going to be different and shockingly higher. There is no early termination fee so you can cancel your contract any time which further negates the value of not signing a contract. No clue winds that way just is.

If that's not confusing enough you can also get a short-term contract for some reason. You can get Internet service without signing a contract that is longer than six months with no downside. Why you would do this as you can cancel your long-term contract that is unknown but it's here if you want.