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Comcast Review

Comcast is enormous Corporation with millions of customers. They been in business for many years and are even in a position to purchase their largest "competitor" Time Warner cable. You would think that by now Comcast would've mastered the art of Internet service customer care. After a few phone calls and conversations with other users we can say this is not the case.

After penetrating the labyrinthine maze of automated service menus and robots telling there is no service outage in our area a technician was finally reached. Of course our cable literally been down for a few hours and while this is an emergency to myself and my coworkers is clearly not "that big a deal" to Comcast so I'll give them a little pass on that. The representative got on the phone and give me instructions on what to do with the router. After rebooting, unplugging, plugging back in, releasing IPs, and resetting again a technician was assigned to come out of the office and fix our problems in two days. The clinic will be operating out of a coffee shop for a short time.

In two days Comcast did not show. We called them back and were told that they called earlier that morning to make sure we were home and no one answered therefore the service technician could not come out. Everyone check their cell phones and no one got a call. The main business line is the line on the Comcast account and it showed no calls for the day. I there are phones are lying or Comcast is. They said since we were a no answer we would have to re-schedule the appointment for the following day. We were then told we are lucky that we can get someone out the next day as it's usually a week out for no answers. We do not feel lucky.

Two days pass and no technician. This time the appointment was canceled by Comcast due to issues with the service in the area. Not clearly our office had issues before these other issues in the area appeared so it is unlikely that there is any relationship. Despite this the appointment was canceled without notification or recourse by us. You see Comcast is the only cable company in this area. The only other service we would be eligible for with the DSL and even at its best that services terrible. So were now four days in this and we have no service to the office, and the coffee shop rejoices.

The following day a technician came out and within 5 min. discovered the problem was that the silicone in the coaxial cable leading to the street had melted, then solidified and was interfering with data throughput. 5 min. was all it took. While that should please us it almost makes the situation more infuriated that we had to wait an entire business week for a service called to be completed in 5 min.

So how can such a large company operate with such terrible customer care? Simple there's no competition. There is only one cable company in the area so if you want TV and Internet you're going to use Comcast. Sure you can get dish network and use of other service for Internet but the best you can get his DSL and at best our office would get 3 MB per second down and complete crap up. This just isn't an option so to say that there's any competition in this market is a lot.

Comcast has terrible customer service, and possibly a terrible service altogether. If this were an isolated incident I would simply chalk it up to bad luck and a couple of bad representatives but the Internet is filled with pissed off Comcast customers. Do not become one.