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Charter has simple Internet plans. They're usually only two plans available to consumers and businesses so you'll have to give a great deal of thought as to which one might be right for you download speeds range anywhere from 100 MB down and 4 MB up to 15 MB per second down and uploads of 2 MB per second up. Clearly there is enormous difference between these two plans, but you only get to so that shouldn't be a problem.

In 2009 charter walked away from $8 billion worth of debt by declaring bankruptcy. Many assets were sold and people lost their jobs. Customers were among the assets being sold however charter has cents turn this around and is back up to around 7 million customers across 29 states. The company employs around 20,000 people and in 2013 charter acquired optimum West. So they've gone from bankruptcy to buying other companies.

Charter spread its wings and expanded much further than it was just a few years ago charter provide services in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and in some areas within Texas. Internet speeds and consistency very from area to area, so it really is impossible to review their services geographically.

Charter includes e-mail accounts, a modem, and the security suite with every Internet plan that they offer regardless of size or cost. This security suite includes parental control, anti-spyware, antivirus, anti-phishing, and a firewall they can be configured by the user. The Internet plan will also include a 24-hour technical support line that will also handle your TV and phone bundles if you have them. Bundles tend to bring a discount so if you actually need the services you may want to acquire them do the same company.

Charter provides fast Internet speeds to its residential customers but most businesses would avoid the service. They simply don't have the flexibility or high in the service level agreement that a business would name or the availability. Due to the vast changes and upload and download speeds across the service area is important for users to diligently look into what charter is offering in their area. It might be wise to speak with neighbors on that regard saying if they are happy with their download speeds. They simply vary so greatly that it's not possible to offer a proper review of that particular issue nationally.

The highest download speeds the charter currently offers are from the optimum West purchase that it made in 2013 this is where the download speeds can reach up to 100 MB per second and where the upload speeds can pass 4 MB per second as well so if you live in the mountain West region of the United States and are within charter service area the service might be great for you. The speeds are massive and the customer care appears to be acceptable. Add to that the various TV and software packages that can be bundled and have a pretty powerful package. This doesn't mean it will come without issue but nothing does.