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Verizon Still Ranked #1

February 4th, 2015  |  Posted by Helm

Verizon is #1 far and away. With at least a 10% lead over the closest competitor, Verizon is the best service with the best customer service. Maybe not the best price but in this market you indeed get what you pay for. And if you are looking for wireless Internet, this is clearly best in show.

These fastest speeds are often referring to Verizon FiOS. The reason these speeds are so much greater than other providers is that the technology is not shared. A single fiber-optic cable is run to your home or office and your data travels along this cable along. By way of example cable broadband Internet is shared with all of your neighbors so speeds may vary dependent upon how much traffic your neighbors are creating. FiOS is not affected by this.

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Comcast Customer Service May Need an Upgrade

February 1st., 2015  |  Posted by Helm

Comcast has become known for bad customer service, but it seems like they may be taking it to an all new level. With our reviewer trying to fix a broken service you might agree.

So how can such a large company operate with such terrible customer care? Simple there's no competition. There is only one cable company in the area so if you want internet providers you're going to use Comcast. Sure you can get dish network and use of other service for Internet but the best you can get his DSL and at best our office would get 3 MB per second down and complete crap up. This just isn't an option so to say that there's any competition in this market is a lot.

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Time Warner Might Be a Good Choice

January 15th, 2015  |  Posted by Helm

If you have a choice in Cable Internet Companies, and you probably don't, then Time Warner might actually be a good one. They offer plenty of packages across a varied proce range and their customer care isn't horrible.

Time Warner appears to be a bit more expensive than most of its "competitors". Obviously this doesn't really matter because there is no competition in this industry but is still something to note. Despite this price any quality given the wide range of plans available everyone should be able to find something they can afford. There is a set up fee however the comes with all of the Internet plans not very expensive and can range from $15-$50 but is mentioned only because very few cable providers charge a setup fee. This type of charge is usually only seen from satellite Internet providers. This is on top of any equipment leasing that must occur and will occur unless you have your own cable modem. Given the quality of the Time Warner cable modems and the low price for any equipment leasing buying your own is really the best idea.

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The Internet and Social Media May Be Too Dangerous for Teens

The impact of online networking on young people and adolescents is of specific significance, not just in light of the fact that this specific gathering of kids is formatively defenseless additionally on the grounds that they are among the heaviest clients of long range interpersonal communication. As per a report by Common Sense Media, 75 percent of young people in America as of now have profiles on long range interpersonal communication destinations, of which 68 percent utilize Facebook as their fundamental person to person communication device.

While long range informal communication without a doubt assumes a crucial part in expanding social associations and learning specialized aptitudes, its dangers can't be ignored. The need or trouble in self-direction and defenselessness to associate weight makes young people helpless against such shades of malice as Facebook discouragement, sexting, and cyberbullying, which are reasonable dangers. Different issues, for example, interpersonal organization initiated corpulence, Internet compulsion and lack of sleep are issues that keep on being under serious examination for the conflicting outcomes that have been acquired in different reviews.

The American Psychological Association characterizes tormenting as forceful conduct by a person that makes distress another. Cyberbullying ranges from direct debilitating and repulsive messages to mysterious exercises, for example, trolling. 32 percent of online high schoolers confess to having encountered a scope of threatening on the web propels from others. While coordinate upsetting messages or messages are the most clear type of cyberbullying, they are likely the minimum common in that exclusive 13 percent of reviewed youths confessed to accepting debilitating or forceful messages. Notwithstanding sending a private note to a gathering without consent from the sender is frequently seen as cyberbullying; Pew look into found that 15 percent of teenagers were aggravated and awkward about having had their private message sent or posted in an open discussion. Seat additionally found that about 39 percent of high schoolers on informal organization have been cyberbullied somehow, contrasted and 22 percent of online adolescents who don't utilize interpersonal organizations.

Trolling, the demonstration of purposely dispensing scorn, fanaticism, prejudice, misogyny, or simply straightforward quarreling between individuals, regularly secretly, is additionally inescapable in interpersonal organization. In the event that you thought Trolls lived under extension, 28 percent of America lives there, it appears.

An imperative reason for cyberbullying is the obscurity conceivable on the Internet. As per Stopbullying.gov, two sorts of individuals are probably going to be cyberbullies — the well known ones and those on the edges of society; the previous depend on such exercises to remain prevalent or to feel effective, while the last troll to fit into a general public or to exact revenge on a general public that avoids them. The National Council on Crime Prevention found from a study that around three out of four casualties of cyberbullying in the long run follow the character of the cyberbully, thus the secrecy may not be as protected a net as the domineering jerk accepts. The cyberbully is regularly a companion (in the event that they can be called that without offending the word or opinion), or somebody they know from school or outside. Just 23 percent of the casualties answered to have been harassed by somebody they don't have the foggiest idea.

Cyberbullying seems simple to the domineering jerk since they don't see their casualties' responses face to face, and in this manner the effect of the outcomes is little. Actually, notwithstanding, the results can be life adjusting to the degree that the casualties could go the extent that ending their lives or turn out to be mentally sufficiently troubled to require therapeutic mediation. The incidentally individualistic nature of long range informal communication exercises makes it hard to perceive a casualty of cyberbullying, however indications incorporate staying away from or being restless around the PC or PDA and sudden change in conduct designs. This is something ISP's might be able to help with.

Sexting, the activity of sending sexually uncovering pictures of themselves or sexually unequivocal messages to another individual or gathering, is another normal action among the high schooler group in web-based social networking. An across the nation review by the National Campaign to Support Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy found a stunning 20 percent of high schoolers partaking in sexting.

While high school young men fall back on sending sexually express or suggestive messages, adolescent young ladies will probably send unseemly photographs of themselves, for the most part to their beaus. Be that as it may, the changelessness and inescapability of the web makes it a fruitful ground for spreading such data to the degree of getting viral — 17 percent of sexters as a matter of fact offer the messages they get with others, and 55 percent of those offer them with more than one individual. Past the individual injury and embarrassment sexting may bring about, there are legal implications also; a few states consider such exercises as wrongdoings while many gathering sexting under crime.

"Facebook sorrow," characterized as enthusiastic aggravation that creates when preteens and teenagers invest a lot of energy in web-based social networking destinations, is presently an undeniable illness. Late reviews have demonstrated that correlations are the primary driver of Facebook despondency; the review demonstrated that down-examination (contrasting and inferiors) was similarly prone to motivation misery as up-examination (contrasting and individuals superior to oneself). Be that as it may, there are opposing reports too. Another review demonstrated that Facebook makes us more joyful and expanded social trust and engagement among clients. Given that our brains are wired to interface, it appears to be consistent to expect that informal organizations, by empowering sharing, could bring about a self-strengthening feeling of mental fulfillment. These reviews demonstrate that the impact of interpersonal organization on prosperity relies on how informal organizations are utilized — whether to interface or to look at.

Different dangers of broad long range interpersonal communication among youth are loss of protection, sharing excessively data, and detach from reality. The advanced impression is a lasting trail that clients of online networking, for sure of the Internet itself, leave the minute they sign into any administration. The advanced impression, by its changelessness, can have genuine repercussions in future, in both expert and individual zones of life. Know that each action online — posts via web-based networking media accounts, remarks left on different locales, tweets, retweets and +1s through years can add to the advanced impression. Another genuine hazard is the measure of data shared on interpersonal organization destinations. LexisNexis and Lawers.com overviewed 1,000 Americans and found that half of them revealed excessively individual information on the web. What is all the more stressing is the way that 44 percent of them trusted that the data they posted on locales like Facebook, LinkedIn or MySpace were being utilized against them.

Immaturity is an ideal opportunity to spread wings and take the provisional first flight out into the world, and guardians and parental figures must be a piece of the procedure. In the area of long range interpersonal communication, this involves guardians getting to be noticeably instructed about the focal points and drawbacks of person to person communication and themselves joining informal community locales, not to float, but rather to know about the exercises of their adolescent wards. It is basic that guardians know about and screen protection settings and online profiles of their wards. Open discourses about informal community conventions and manners would go far in building up worldwide computerized citizenship and sound conduct.