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MyShopGoods is now a pioneer in ad free, opinion neutral news about broadband packages. Our blogs are written by experts who are only interested in providing accurate information based on direct experience as well as a recommendation based on the market surrounding a given product or service. We may be the first major blog to not ear revenue from the site at all, attempting only to build a following and then look to other avenues to monetize the site.

We are not paid for our content or traffic so you can be sure we have no reason to spin anything. So read on into a true no spin news zone and see what you fond. You might be surprised what is really going on out there.

Verizon Still Ranked #1

February 4th, 2015  |  Posted by Helm

Verizon is #1 far and away. With at least a 10% lead over the closest competitor, Verizon is the best service with the best customer service. Maybe not the best price but in this market you indeed get what you pay for. And if you are looking for wireless Internet, this is clearly best in show.

These fastest speeds are often referring to Verizon FiOS. The reason these speeds are so much greater than other providers is that the technology is not shared. A single fiber-optic cable is run to your home or office and your data travels along this cable along. By way of example cable broadband Internet is shared with all of your neighbors so speeds may vary dependent upon how much traffic your neighbors are creating. FiOS is not affected by this.

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Comcast Customer Service May Need an Upgrade

February 1st., 2015  |  Posted by Helm

Comcast has become known for bad customer service, but it seems like they may be taking it to an all new level. With our reviewer trying to fix a broken service you might agree.

So how can such a large company operate with such terrible customer care? Simple there's no competition. There is only one cable company in the area so if you want internet providers you're going to use Comcast. Sure you can get dish network and use of other service for Internet but the best you can get his DSL and at best our office would get 3 MB per second down and complete crap up. This just isn't an option so to say that there's any competition in this market is a lot.

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Time Warner Might Be a Good Choice

January 15th, 2015  |  Posted by Helm

If you have a choice in Cable Internet Companies, and you probably don't, then Time Warner might actually be a good one. They offer plenty of packages across a varied proce range and their customer care isn't horrible.

Time Warner appears to be a bit more expensive than most of its "competitors". Obviously this doesn't really matter because there is no competition in this industry but is still something to note. Despite this price any quality given the wide range of plans available everyone should be able to find something they can afford. There is a set up fee however the comes with all of the Internet plans not very expensive and can range from $15-$50 but is mentioned only because very few cable providers charge a setup fee. This type of charge is usually only seen from satellite Internet providers. This is on top of any equipment leasing that must occur and will occur unless you have your own cable modem. Given the quality of the Time Warner cable modems and the low price for any equipment leasing buying your own is really the best idea.

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